Born to a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, Katini is the embodiment of a global artist who is fluent in 3 languages and whose talent has taken her from Australia to America through Japan.

Described by an industry insider as the “deca-threat” for her ability to maintain a soulful, rich and raw vocal while performing flawless choreography.  Katini’s qualities are further accentuated by her natural beauty, style and a captivating stage presence.  

Her pure essence exudes on stage because as she says "when I sing, it ignites my heart, brings depth to my being and is the only time all my emotions can run free.” That freedom is further anchored by her early classical training and a deep understanding of music developed as a child listening to jazz records with her grandfather.

Katini has traveled the world performing her music including her most recent speech and "performance in the desert" at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Global Summit in Israel. Her music has taken her from stages in Japan to Australia singing on national television and a featured performance at International Day Of Peace for the UN. Katini now lives New York City where she is working on her EP release for late summer.    

Katini is dedicated to driving her artistry towards bringing a new dimension to pop music with her mission to be the global voice of positive millennial empowerment.  She says her goal is to "make music to empower my listeners to create a better tomorrow for themselves and the world ”